Meerut braveheart's sacrifice draws praise from Pakistan

New Delhi: The sacrifice by an Indian Army soldier who was killed while trying to protect a girl from molestation in Meerut drew wide appreciation from even across the border even as the Pakistan Army continues to violate the ceasefire with impunity.

People from across the border appreciated the supreme sacrifice by Lance Naik Vedmitra Chaudhary who died at the hands of assailants while trying to prevent molestation of a girl on August 13 in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh.

The online version of leading Pakistani English daily "Dawn" had on Monday a series of comments posted in which scores of people in Pakistan echoed the sentiment across India following the incident.

Interestingly, in these comments, the respondents, while lauding the "braveheart", stressed on revealing their origin which is quite significant during these turbulent times when the armies of the two neighbours exchange gunfire almost daily.

In a comment, Kalim said: "A salute to an Indian soldier for his bravery. From a Pakistani."

"Mad respect for this Soldier from a Pakistani. Police should find these guys and return the favour. Army should pay good benefits to the soldiers wife and kids," said another who identified himself as Babar.

Syed Wasim Haider called the Indian Army braveheart a "Brave gentleman", while Abdullah Hussain posted: "Salute to this soldier. Justice should be done ASAP. This case should not drag for years without outcome."

Also on the "Dawn" were the following comments -- presumably from Indians: "Sad but inspirational news. He is a martyr. A real life hero.. RIP," were the sentiments of Kailash Singh while Suman said: "Salute to you brave soldier.. You are a true hero .. You saved the girl even off-duty..."

Lance Naik Chaudhary was on leave in Meerut from his 416 Engineering Brigade when he was brutally assaulted by four men when he tried to prevent them from molesting a girl. He later succumbed to injuries in military hospital.



  • venkatesan padmanabhan19-Aug-2015

    Sadistic remarks can not be taken as praise. We know the value of our soldiers. They are the best in the world.UP is in the dark and in the wrong hands. The men living there are encouraged by foolish politicians to turn into goons.

  • Ramakrishnan19-Aug-2015

    Heart warming to read these responses from Pakistanis. Our Nations and the armies may be at war with each other, but that did not stop the humane feelings of these Pakistani friends from being expressed with their identities clearly divulged. Thank you friends. May you live long and prosper.

  • Mona19-Aug-2015

    I like your comment Mr. RamaKrishnan. But remember foes cannot be friends. Yes, Our Indian Army is such that everyone likes them, love them. "Yeh Bharat Mata ke Bacche Hai. Inka Loha sab ne maana hai". But don't you forget some brothers (Indian Army) still on the LOC fighting and loosing their lives to save civilians lives.

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