Meet the husband, wife and lover who live together

Maria Butzki told the Mirror that when she left her hubby Paul for her lover Peter there was a huge hole in her life, but at the same time the thought of never seeing Peter again was heartbreaking. 

The mum-of-two asserted that living with both the men is the only way for her to be together with the loves of her life.

The housing liaison officer explained that moving her lover into the couple’s house got a bit easier after the men became fast friends.

Paul, a railway assessor, said that when his wife first had the affair with Peter, he was just heartbroken.

However, Paul asserted that as he got to know Peter, he realised that they had so much in common and he’s like a surrogate dad to the kids.

Peter, a construction site manager, added that there is no jealousy over Maria, because they feel like a team.

  • Aamir22-Mar-2014

    Its nice to know there are other couples like us too. I was staying as a paying guest with this couple and the husband proposed to marry her in private, we got married and living together now.

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