Meet the Spanish man who is riding 2,000 miles on horse-back for job!

Jesus Jimenez, who has been unemployed for more than a year, has embarked on a 2,000-mile ride from Gemuno to the Lower Saxony town of Bergen on his three-year-old horse Campeon, in search of work, the New York Daily News reported.

The 32-year old Spaniard, who will reunite with his girlfriend who left their town in Spain earlier, admitted that he has a car but he doesn’t have money to pay for petrol, which has forced him to make the trip on horse-back.

Jimenez, who has already covered 185 miles in 15 days and hopes to reach the Pyrenees Mountains within two weeks, has been guaranteed by his girlfriend that he''ll have a job when he arrives.

He added that if he didn’t find any work in Germany, he will ride all the way to Russia searching for “whatever came his way”.  

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