Men have finally admitted that women are much more competent than them when It comes to multi-tasking, a survey has revealed.
A study by DIY and cleaning equipment company Karcher revealed that three-quarter of men agreed that women were more successful at doing four or more things at the same time, while they managed to do two at the most, the Daily Express reported.
Completely agreeing with the response were 98 per cent of the women who said that they can ably cope with several tasks at one time better than their counterparts.
One in four men said that when they try to do more than one activity at a time, they end up doing very little of any of them and a third said that they ended up not doing anything properly.
When it came to getting the job done, women were more likely to get stuck in with no complaints, the study divulged.
Only 16 per cent said they would ask for a man's help.
More than two-third of women prepared food at home while doing other household chores and 68 per cent combined DIY with other chores, including cleaning up as they went along.
On an average, most women do four tasks at the same time with four out of five claiming they would not get anything done otherwise.
But 69 per cent said they received no help from their partners.