London: It's a common assumption that most of the time women hide what they buy from their partners because of their habit of shopping almost everyday, but new research reveals it’s actually men who are the biggest secret spenders.

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In a survey by, it has emerged that just 22 percent of women have admitted to hiding shopping from their partner, including lying about how much they spent on particular items, but that percentage was double for men, reports

Avoiding arguments was cited as the main reason why women keep their spending a secret, followed by not wanting to cause unnecessary worry and then feeling guilty about their purchase. Downplaying the price of purchases was the most popular answer for keeping their partner in the dark about their spending habits, followed by pretending new items were old.

Whilst male respondents in the survey would rather hide the purchase altogether and destroy receipts.

Matthew Wood of, said: “Obviously there are going to be some things that we keep from our partners in terms of spending. The odd little treat, an extra item whilst out shopping or lunchtime indulgence, is something that we don’t really have to tell anyone.

“The important thing is to make sure that this doesn’t get out of hand or that, when it does, we confess up sooner rather than later.”