Mentalist Mohit Rao performs a hypnosis session inside a Bandra local train yesterday. Pic/ Nimesh Dave

For commuters, who entered a Bandra local, Wednesday afternoon would have been just another one-off crazy day of pushing and pulling inside the train had they not been greeted by hypnotist and mentalist Mohit Rao.

Rao took the 30-odd passengers by surprise when he told them that he was going to hypnotise them. "Do you want to de-stress?" he asked. "I am Mohit, a mind reader, and I can help you if you follow my instructions," Rao said.

Mostly curious of what they were about to witness, the passengers agreed. Seconds later, they all shut their eyes and followed Rao's cues to 'enter' a waterfall. When the passengers opened their eyes a little later, they all looked relaxed.

Rao (38), who performs group hypnosis at corporate events, first thought of trying out a session with train commuters around three years ago, but couldn't execute it then.

"Mumbai's commuters are the most stressed out. Hours of travelling takes a toll on mental health," said Rao on why he decided to hold the session.

After the session, 30-year-old Raju said, "I could imagine myself standing below the waterfall. It felt like my stress had almost disappeared."