Pune: A 31-year-old man from Rajasthan was gunned down by a Railway Police force (RPF) constable near Saswad railway station in Pune on Wednesday. During investigation, it was revealed that man had murdered his wife in Rajasthan and had escaped to Pune.

The incident took place early on Wednesday morning, around 4 am. The deceased has been identified as Suresh Purohit.

Speaking about the incident, an RPF official informed, “It seems the deceased was mentally unstable. He had forcefully tried to enter the engine of Mahalaxmi Express, and was also trying to manhandle the driver. The latter warned him to go back to his seat, but Purohit did not listen. Fearing chaos, the train driver sounded an alert by pressing the emergency horn. Four RPF constables then came running for help. Purohit started beating two of them with stones, in which they got seriously injured, while the third constable fired one round with his rifle. ''

The official added, “The injured Purohit was immediately brought to Sassoon General Hospital, but was declared dead while undergoing treatment.”

The GRP police added, “During investigation, it came to light that Purohit had murdered his wife who was in Rajasthan, and had come to Pune to avoid arrest.”

A case of accidental death has been registered with Pune GRP by the RPF.