As the city celebrates the inauguration of the Metro, MiD DAY caught up with the who's who of town to check how they think the metro will change the DNA of the garden city, how they want the stations to look like and whether the Bangalore Metro should have compartments solely dedicated to women following its Delhi counterpart

Bruce Lee Mani, Musician
To little, too late but it will still benefit us all as it will reduce traffic jams. The metro has come out really well. Separate compartment for women is not needed as the CCTV will look after everything.
Prakash Belawadi, Theatre Personality
In the next three to four years, the Bangalore Metro will make a difference to commuters as people will travel less by car. But it would have been better if the metro was underground. The stations can have different kinds of art but the first priority is to get the metro going and ensure safety. A separate compartment for women should be introduced only if necessary.

Namrata G, Fashion Designer
Metro will reduce traffic woes and people will attend meetings on time and not give excuses of traffic jams. It will save money and time for people. The station walls should be done up by professionals and there should be TV sets in the stations. Women should be given a different compartment to ensure they feel safe and comfortable.

George Mathen,
Graphic Novelist and musician
The Bangalore metro station should be kept as it is. 

Prasad Bidapa,
Fashion Guru

I'm looking forward to the Bangalore Metro because the connection is faster and I travel a lot in metro in other cities. Also metro will cut down the traffic. Young artists should keep their paintings on display in the metro. No food should be allowed in the metro as is the case in Delhi. I hope no one litters the stations or spits there as the metro is the key to development.

Vineeth Vincent, Beat Boxer
The metro is definitely an improvement. It's clean public transport and better than autos that rip you off. There should be a mix of art and photography in the stations to lend a classy look and cameras in the train to ensure safety. I'm excited about the metro and looking forward to it.