Metro should have been prepared for rains

Even as the social media has put out largely exaggerated photos of water inside the Mumbai metro, with some images being photo shopped, commuters did have to suffer some leakage inside a compartment, as the rains began in earnest day before.

The Mumbai Metro One Private Limited (MMOPL) authorities confirmed the incident and said that the leakage problem occurred due to some problem with the AC duct. The train was sent to the car depot for maintenance.

Then, there is the problem of leakage that is from the roof at some metro stations. Add to that motorists who are commuting below and are finding it difficult, as the water from above the corridor or the girder is falling directly on the road. This water may fall on vehicles and put motorists in danger by obstructing vision temporarily.

While metro officials say that steps are being taken to remedy the situation, it would have been wiser to have foreseen such problems or eventualities when the infrastructure was 
being built.

A leaking AC duct may be quickly repaired, but roofs would need extensive attention. Surely the technical experts supervising the metro construction and the supporting infrastructure should have kept in mind the city’s rains and ensured that the collected water finds a safe and viable outlet.

Given that the metro is spanking new, it is disappointing that small technical glitches are causing discomfort to commuters and water is falling on motorists below. And yet, the rain has not yet shown its fury fully in Mumbai. The delayed monsoon might give us even more heavy shower days, where these leakage problems may get intensified as water collects on the roof.

Unfortunately, we often see projects that are myopic big buildings without proper fire escapes, malls and cinema houses with one narrow exit. It is time Mumbai starts making buildings and other transport facilities keeping all possible eventualities and occurrences in mind.

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