An octogenarian in Hidalgo, a state in central Mexico, has been found living with his dead sister's corpse, officials said

The discovery was made Thursday night at a house in Tulancingo, a city located about 120 km northeast of Mexico City.

Police had received a report that an elderly man was wandering around the city.

Joaquin Soto Marroquin, who is around 80 and apparently suffers from mental problems, was taken home by officers, who found his sister's body in an advanced state of decomposition in a bed.

The body was taken to the coroner's office in Tulancingo.

The elderly man told police his sister, Clementina, was sick and not dead, the El Sol de Hidalgo newspaper reported Saturday.

Tests conducted by crime scene investigators indicate that the woman died about eight months ago from natural causes, the newspaper said.

Neighbours had noticed that Soto Marroquin's sister was not around, but they never suspected she had died, El Sol said.

Investigators are trying to determine whether the octogenarian has relatives who can take charge of him and claim the body.