MF Hussain ate regularly at this Bhendi Bazaar eatery

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Opened in 1923 by Abdul Karim, Noor Mohammadi has been a landmark on Mumbai’s culinary map. Back then, it sold only the Nalli Nihari, one of its lip-smacking specialties.

Iconic artist, late MF Husain, a regular at this eatery, was so besotted by this dish that once during a visit in 2003, he created a sketch of a rooster calling out to Noor Mohammadi’s Nalli Nihari.

Present owner Abdul Khalid looks at the MF Husain masterpiece that graces his eatery. Pic/Shadab Khan

Before Partition, Karim’s son Abdul Hakim expanded it into an eating house. In 1985, when third-generation owner, Abdul Khalid took over, he converted it into a sit-down restaurant. Not to be overwhelmed by the Nihari and the star-inspired Chicken Sanju Baba — a recipe donated by actor Sanjay Dutt — the fast-selling Beef Shammi Kebabs cannot be missed.

Cooked in the restaurant’s outer foyer, on a busy sidewalk, the whiff of tender, spiced beef mince balls prepared on a butter-greased pan make it worth a visit.

Where: 181-183, Abdul Noor Mohammadi Chowk, Bhendi Bazaar.
Call: 23456008
When: After sunset is best

  • Ninad26-Mar-2014

    They are calling it master piece....LOL 5th std student can draw better than this. ye duniya brand pe chalati hai.....this low grade painting he has frame just because its done by so called MF Hussain. if you show this painting to anybody without taking MF Hussain's name, they will throw it in dustbin, thinking something done by Child.

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