MG Road Tree axed in dead of night

May 01, 2012, 09:04 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

The Cantonment police have registered a complaint against unidentified persons for cutting down an eight-year-old tree near Amarson garment showroom on M G Road. The police suspect the management of the showroom to be behind the act, as the tree was removed from the spot with its roots, and a large stone was placed where it stood and the area was cemented over in the wee hours of yesterday.

Jayant Kangane, supervisor of gardens, Pune Cantonment Board, registered a complaint with the police in this regard.

Gone by dawn: A large stone covers the cemented spot where the eight-year-old tree stood in front of Amarson garment showroom on MG Road. The complainant suspects the store is responsible for the axing as the tree was blocking its display window and board. Pic/Krunal Gosavi 

“We received a call in the morning from some shop keepers on MG Road stating that the rain tree, which was in
front of Amarson Garment Showroom, had been cut from its roots, the spot was cemented over and a big stone was placed there to hide the act,” Kangane said.

On reaching the spot, it was confirmed that the tree, which had stood at the spot for eight years year, had been cut down and a large stone covered the freshly laid cement.

“I registered a complaint with the Cantonment police after suspecting that the management of Amarson might have cut the tree, as it was covering the window display at the front of the shop and also hiding their board,” Kangane said.

Kangane added that the act was committed in the wee hours yesterday, when there was no traffic or people on the road.
“Some shopkeepers allege that the management of Amarson could be behind the act, but as no one saw what had actually happened, we cannot blame anyone out rightly. However, in the complaint, we have said that they are suspected to be behind the act,” Kangane said.

Police sub inspector with Cantonment police, A B Khaladkar said that they have inspected the place and registered a case under sections 8 and 21 of the Maharashtra (Urban areas) Preservation of Trees Act.

“We have questioned Yogesh Shah, the manager of the Amarson garment showroom, and an investigation is on,” Khaladkar said.

Vikas Bhambure of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena’s environmental wing said that the management of Amarson is behind the act and demanded stringent action.

The Amarson showroom management denied the charges and offered full cooperation in the investigation. 

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