Michael Jackson's father Joe Jackson hospitalised

Los Angeles: Michael Jackson's father Joe Jackson was taken to a hospital on May 13 after feeling weak during routine tests.

Michael Jackson's father Joe Jackson hospitalised
Michael Jackson's father Joe Jackson. Pic/AFP

Joe, 87, got a high fever while having tests done, but doctors aren't sure what is wrong with him, reported TMZ.

Joe's son Jermaine Jackson, brother of the singing legend Michael, confirmed his father was rushed to hospital and admitted the family were "worried" about his wellbeing.

"My father is doing much better. We were all worried but he's doing much better, he's much healthier and we're very happy about that. He got weak and they rushed him ... he was doing a normal check-up and he got weak and they admitted him," Jermaine said.

"He came for a check-up at his doctor's and they put him in the hospital. The way we got the news he was not doing well."

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