One of Michael Jackson's trademark single white gloves is currently up for auction for USD 20,000.

The glove features crystal beading. Pic/Getty Images
The glove features crystal beading. Pic/Getty Images 

Nate D Sanders' auction house is handling the sale, reported a newspaper.

Jackson had given the right-handed glove (The glove features crystal beading and light wear and tear) to his artist friend Paul Bedard, whom the musician commissioned to create over a dozen paintings for Jackson's home and Neverland ranch — in 1984, and Bedard went on to sell it in 2005.

Meanwhile, another auction in June 2010 sold a glove for USD 160,000.

The person who bags the glove will also receive a photograph of Bedard wearing the glove, images of the art he created for Jackson, and a typed declaration signed by Bedard that attests to the glove's authenticity.