Michael Jackson used to 'punch' pet

Washington: Michael Jackson allegedly used to punch and kick his chimp Bubbles at Neverland in order to discipline him.

Was Michael Jackson, a pet hater? Pic/AFP
Was Michael Jackson, a pet hater? Pic/AFP

Chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall dropped the bombshell while leaving an event in Washington, DC, saying that Bubbles was beaten while in the pop legend's care. She doesn’t say who beat Bubbles, but she does say she confronted MJ and it “ticked him off”.

La Toya Jackson’s ex-husband, Jack Gordon, too, asserted that the King of Pop used to punch his pet in the face and kick him. People in the MJ camp said Bubbles was actually treated like a hairy king, eating at the dining room table with MJ and having free access to the fridge for Haagen-Dazs fixes.

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