Los Angeles: Oscar-nominated actor Michael Keaton uncovers a massive sex abuse scandal in Boston's Catholic Church in the trailer for 'Spotlight'.

Director Tom McCarthy's intense drama follows the Boston Globe's legendary investigative unit as it seeks to uncover systemic child abuse within the Church's clergy, reported Variety.

Academy Award nominee Keaton leads the so-called 'Spotlight' team as famed editor Robby Robinson, with Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams and Brian d'Arcy James as his team of dedicated journalists.

The Boston Globe's real-life coverage of the scandal earned the paper a Pulitzer Prize for Public Service 12 years ago.

'The Station Agent' filmmaker McCarthy worked with Josh Singer (Fringe) to adapt the gripping investigation for the big screen.

'Spotlight' will release on November 6 in the US. A UK date has not yet been set.