Michael Schumacher cries on hearing his wife, kids

Geneva: According to a report in an Italian newspaper, seven-time F1 champion Michael Schumacher, who has been left paraylsed since a skiing accident 13 months ago, cries when he hears his wife and children's voices, and has even begun communicating using his eyes. Italian daily Corriere della Serra claims Schumacher has started showing emotion through tears.

Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher 

"Sometimes a tear rolls down Michael's face. He cries when he hears the voice of his children or his wife. Michael has his eyes open but he is often looking into a void. In recent times, he has been able to recognise the familiar faces of his family but he cannot communicate with them," the report claimed.

"He does not speak and he is not able to perform movements independently. He reacts to external stimuli but for now can only answer a familiar voice by opening his eyes," it added.

Schumacher suffered severe head injuries while skiing with his family in the French Alps on December 29, 2013. The accident left him with severe brain damage and in a coma for six months. He underwent two brain operations at a hospital in Greenoble before being moved to hospital in Lausanne last June and thereafter to a specialised care centre at home in Geneva.

The former Ferrari champion spent his 46th birthday with his wife Corrina, daughter Gina Marie (16) and son Mick (14) at their home near Lake Geneva.



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