Michigan students unveil world's largest stationary Rubik's cube

Michigan students unveil world's largest stationary Rubik's cubeLargest Rubik Cube. Pic/Facebook

A group of students at the University of Michigan have built what is believed to be the largest hand-solvable, stationary Rubik’s Cube.

The 1,500-pound which is about 680kg puzzle was unveiled at the university week, UPI reported. "We’re aware of a larger cube that requires the user to literally roll it on the ground to solve and rotate the faces. None of that is required by our stationary design. So, to be very precise, it is the world’s largest stationary, human-manipulable Rubik’s cube," a spokesperson said.

The idea to create the cube was first conceived around two years ago, by engineering students Martin Harris and Samuelina Wright. They then recruited two more students, Kelsey Hockstad and Dan Hiemstra, and worked on it for two years until they graduated in 2016.

Watch video here

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