Mickey 'wows' women!

Jul 29, 2013, 23:08 IST | The Centrestage Team

Starting with Yoga and Pranayam, he made them do simple exercises and stretches that all women -- including professionals, students or housewives --could practice daily. This was followed by Face Yoga that promised to improve blood circulation, toned the face, removed wrinkles and helped skin complexion.

Mickey ended the session by speaking about women empowerment and how women are more sensitive, have warmth, patience, strength to forgive and forget and are emotionally stronger as compared to men. “One should feel fortunate to be born a woman and celebrate womanhood,” he added.

Deepali Shah from Vasai, who was fortunate to be part of this workshop, later said, “Mickey has motivated me to include fitness and wellness in my daily life, this will make a difference to me” Disha Vardhan from Babulnath added, “Mickey’s talk on woman empowerment has inspired me to do a self introspection and be stronger in my approach towards life.” 

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