mid-day editorial: Dear women, beware of everyone!

Oct 11, 2016, 06:21 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

Few days after her body was found in her Goa apartment, police nabbed a former security guard of Monika Ghurde's upscale building alleging that he had killed the celebrity perfumer in a fit of rage. As per reports, Ghurde and the guard, Raj Kumar Singh, had a blazing row after the latter had stolen her umbrella in August. Consequently, he was sacked from his job by the housing society, but he nursed a grudge for he wasn't able to secure another job after that. The murder was motivated by revenge, cops said.

The incident is a huge indication of how vulnerable women continue to be, even in supposedly "safe places" like their homes, that too in swish residential complexes. Do not be lulled into a false sense of security just because your society boasts of watchmen, cleaners, drivers and contractors. These days, even CCTV cameras are not a deterrent to crime — they simply aid in nabbing criminals after the crime has taken place.

Always change the locks of your home if you suspect someone may make a duplicate key, or has a motive to cause some harm to you. An argument or altercation could be enough to drive a person to become a danger to your life. Be extra cautious indoors — a double door with grill is a must. For no reason should you allow security personnel to enter your home. Talk to them through the security door.

It's also a fact that some men simply cannot accept rebuke from a woman — it's too humiliating for them and often fuels the desire for revenge. It's also important to keep emergency contacts and helpline numbers at hand. Often, those that betray women are the ones closest to them — not just relatives, but those who share a similar lifestyle. Never become complacent and watch out for dangers — outside and within.     

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