The Metro III work on in the city has already resulted in a large number of trees being hacked, figures show that more than 5,000 trees are going to be sacrificed for progress. Now, the project is all set to also create more than two dozen flood-prone locations where workers are digging the underground stations. Meanwhile, BMC officials are upset that their efforts to control flooding will be nullified as Metro workers have choked drainage lines, with no other arrangements to drain out the rainwater.

One cannot fathom why the BMC and Metro authorities did not coordinate prior to the monsoon about the problems this work was going to cause and how they could find a solution. It is no use waking up to this now, with the rains already upon us. This required co-ordination and communication at least a month ago. Today, it has become a case of finger pointing, instead of looking for solutions.

If the BMC was unaware, the Metro III officials had the onus of apprising civic officials of the nature of the work and which areas they would be digging. A communication gap has resulted in this completely avoidable problem.

There are enough challenges for the city this season. From potholes to waterlogging, the civic authorities are racing to tackle different fronts and, now, the Metro III work will only make this tougher.

For the ordinary Mumbaikar, the commuter, it matters little which agency has messed up. He or she is only worried about how they are to negotiate flooded roads and reach their destination. Now, the Metro authorities need to rush with a game plan to drain off any excess water, to ease waterlogging caused by the construction. The time for bickering is over, focus on action and remedial measures now.