mid-day editorial: Take the unfair out of the fare share

Tough times call for quick measures. With demonetisation troubles still raining down on the city, some of the hardest hit are commuters who are finding it difficult to cough up the small cash for auto and cab rides. The transport department has planned to introduce more share-auto and share-taxi stands soon to alleviate the crisis.

This recent decision by the Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Transport Authority (MMRTA) came as a measure to ease the commuting crisis.

Yet, every decision needs to be backed by action. The share stands need to be up and running within a day, or less. There is little point in making a decision but delaying its implementation.

Meanwhile, it is time that transport authorities look at the share options in a holistic manner. These facilities need to be regulated so as to truly benefit the commuter.

Who is controlling the fares at these share stands? Today, the fares seem arbitrary, with the vehicle owners deciding what to charge.

People are being held to ransom at these stands with varying price fares. There needs to be a standard fare for sharing that must be strictly regulated.

Autos, especially, pile on more than three passengers, as this means more fare. How many passengers should be allowed in a shared auto or cab? All the answers to these questions should be spelt out clearly and written on boards at these share spots. The public must be absolutely clear about the rules, so that they are not forced to shell out unfair sums sum or be put in danger by overcrowding.

This problem is not just in the current times, but has been going on for a while now. Crack the whip and take the unfair out of the fare share.

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