With just one-and-a-half month left for completion of platform-levelling work at three WR stations, the Passenger Amenities Committee (PAC) has demanded an inquiry into the quality of cement used for the work. After the PAC members and senior railway officials visited stations earlier this month, they said that contractors were using inferior quality material to increase platform height.

The issue has always been contentious, as statistics citing Railway deaths have shown that a significant number of commuters have been injured after falling in the gap between the train and platform.

With a passengers forum now raising questions, it is important the Railway authorities and the passenger forum engage in discussion.

What exactly are the passengers concerns? Can the authorities address these instead of shutting it down by saying it is too late now to complain? Is there some way in which the Railways and passengers can meet halfway? The Railways has closed the space for any kind of movement on this by saying it is very late for passengers to demand a ‘lab test’ on the material used.

Test demands or not, one fails to understand why such concerns and questions need to be raised in the first place. First-class material should be used for all public infrastructure, so that it is durable and proves economical in the long run.

It is not just platforms, but infra across the city, which needs attention to detail, depth of vision, solid workmanship and high calibre of material.

It is this work that outlasts everything in the long run, the one that will stay and ensure it sustains because the stress that the city puts, its huge density, footfalls, wear and tear needs public facilities of sterling quality. Let us ensure great work from inception to completion.