A dentist (40) was beaten to death by at least a dozen people at his residence in west Delhi’s Vikaspuri area, following an argument and scuffle over a cricket match.

Dentist Pankaj Narang, whose wife is a doctor, was playing cricket with his eight-year-old son and nephew in a space outside his home, a report stated. Post Holi celebrations, Narang and the kids went outside to play. While playing cricket, the ball allegedly hit two men who were passing by on a motorcycle. This led to a scuffle between the doctor and the duo. The duo were an adult and a minor who lived in a slum close to the home.

After the scuffle, the duo left but returned with a murderous group which then rained blows with bats, sticks and rods on the doc. The doctor succumbed to his injuries in a hospital with wounds to his cranium.

It is shocking that a life has been taken over such a trivial incident. The issue could have been resolved with a talk after tempers had cooled down. That the bike riders actually felt compelled to return with a group and murdered the doctor, was proof that they planned to commit the crime.

Our society has become intolerant of the smallest of slights. There is not enough importance given to human life and life consequently has become dirt cheap. Road rage related assaults escalating to murder, are on the rise.

We have to learn how to show more patience on the whole, resolve issues with talk and put the highest premium on human life. In an age of ‘instant’ we simply cannot resort to beating and killing as the answer to a fight. There has to be restraint and moderation in all aspects.

Trivial matters are snowballing into deadly fights, resulting in huge tragedies. Kids are beating each other over a match, a child kills a relative because he is denied something, a young man stabs a young woman who spurns his affection, we read more such reports. Today, a professional has lost his life over a small altercation involving his young son, and a ball going on to the road in a cricket match at home. We need a turnaround in our thinking and introspection and action as a society in double quick time.