The southwest monsoon is yet to arrive in Mumbai, yet the city saw heavy rainfall over the weekend, with waterlogging reported in some places. The weathermen have predicted heavy showers that will increase in intensity over the next couple of days. 

We may have cried ourselves hoarse about the shoddy state of roads and pavements, the ubiquitous potholes and general infrastructure that is in shambles, but it's time we focus on how the ordinary Mumbaikar can negotiate this season, which can be treacherous and delightful at the same time. See that your cars are in top condition, especially the brakes. If they need fixing, you need to do it now. In this season, especially, we need to be light on the accelerator and drive with more responsibility. This means maintaining reasonable speed, adhering to rules, keeping an eye out for pedestrians, and putting a tight lid on road rage.

It is not just cars, but public transport, too, needs better discipline. Don't tut-tut impatiently, as commuters take a few extra seconds to close their umbrellas outside BEST buses. We have witnessed drivers getting a sly kick out of zipping through a waterlogged stretch and drenching pedestrians in the filthy water. This infantile and outrageous behaviour needs to stop. Cabbies, who are already under the scanner for refusing fare, have to be ready to take passengers, unless it is absolutely impossible for them. Here, it is time for authorities to set up an easy reporting system for commuters who are rejected by cabbies.

Meanwhile, when forced to walk to your destination on a waterlogged day, watch out for open manholes, walk slow and steadily, do not clutch at electrical poles for balance. We have some challenging days ahead of us, we need to meet them with a mix of common sense and caution.