mid-day editorial: Hoax calls cause real suffering

Apr 28, 2016, 07:59 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

Unfortunately, making hoax calls especially about bombs has become common in days when every threat, has to be taken very seriously. One cannot understand adults making hoax calls, because they are angry, or they are jilted in love, or simply because they want to see some reaction from the authorities.

Even young men have made hoax calls claiming there is a bomb or they have put a bomb in some places, simply for a lark. Recently, unable to pay the lawyer appointed for him by the court, a 52-year-old man, allegedly made a hoax call to the police claiming that a bomb had been planted in the Metropolitan Magistrate's Court in Borivali. He was arrested on Tuesday.

The police then swung into action and the culprit confessed he made the call because of anger towards the magistrate and difficulty in paying lawyers. One cannot think of a more ridiculous argument than this.

Flights have been held up as airplanes have been searched. Trains have been stopped because of hoax calls and passengers have been hugely inconvenienced.

Those attention getters who think it is extremely funny to make these calls, need to see how much of the public's money, time, and effort is wasted in checking after these calls. They need to jog their conscience about people suffering because flights or trains are delayed for their two minutes of fame, or one minute
of joy.

What if there is a passenger who needs to get to a destination in an emergency? What if he misses the last few minutes of a loved one, who is battling for their life, because of this immature joke?

Also, one has to remember the public money wasted on checking and declaring the area safe. Hoax callers need to be nabbed and there should be harsh punitive measures. It should be made a non-bailable offence.

It is only when hoax callers feel the full force of the law, will they desist from these calls, which are selfish, unwarranted and inane.  

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