Since a few days now, media outlets have been full of Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut slamming legal notices on each other, salacious details about their love life having followers surprised, amused, but most, deriving voyeuristic pleasure from the love affair turned sour, gone legal and the very public accounts.

What started as one statement against another has burgeoned into a full on war, with Hrithik-Kangana refusing to put a stop to claims and counter claims, releasing statements to the media, getting close ‘sources’ to reveal surreptitious details, lapped up eagerly by people, and an exchange which shows no sign of stopping. In fact, the once twosome coosomes, keep saying this is their ‘final’ statement on the matter, but somehow, after the ‘final’ statement comes another, and another. It is a little bit like our movies these days, when ‘The End’ does not mean the end, the screen then goes on to beam some behind the scenes footage about how the movie was made, with the cast laughing in the background.

Let final mean final, for both these actors. Once they have made statements against each other, there is little merit in prolonging the slandering match. It is also shocking at the casual ease in which both Hrithik and Kangana accuse each other of mental illness. Hrithik has claimed that Kangana is a ‘stalker’ and suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. Kangana has accused Hrithik of an unspecified mental illness. Both statements are counterproductive when it comes to mental illness. Mental illness is not treated seriously in India, and it is celebrities who can raise awareness and sensitize people to mental afflictions and how society can tackle them, remove stigma and improve understanding. This can be done through films, but statements they make outside of celluloid, in their private lives which are minutely scrutinized and followed, may have a huge impact on people.

So, Hrithik-Kangana, thank you for the entertainment you have given us for the past few days, and that too, tax free. Now, let the curtains fall on this one and final statements means final. Let there be no ridiculous post script, please.