mid-day editorial: Let's flood the city with light in this crisis

Aug 31, 2017, 06:03 IST | mid-day correspondent

One day after disaster, the city is still recuperating from its August 29 wounds. While there are plenty of feel-good messages encapsulating the spirit of this resilient city, there is still a lot required before we can recover.

We need the civic authorities, police personnel and volunteers to carry strong illumination devices, these can be headlamps, powerful torch beams or something that will help light the way for stranded commuters who are left to fend for themselves in the dark.

All through patches of unlit stretches on Tuesday, people were seen taking the help of poles, walls, anything that could act as a support, as they made their way through the flood. One is sure that if the helpers had powerful torches with them, it would have aided people better.

We need to find better ways of cordoning off danger zones. Merely placing wooden sticks with a piece of cloth on top is hardly enough indication of danger or sufficient warning. At certain spots, there were two to three volunteers shouting out to people to avoid certain spots. In these cases, professional cordoning off is the need of the hour and warning lights can call immediate attention to hazardous spots.

We need better equipment such as neon/fluorescent jackets, official vehicles equipped with high-beam lights, and flashing warning signs, megaphones to make announcements and guide people. In so many cases, people were fumbling in the dark, using their cell phone light and trying to discern where next to place their foot.

Each of these changes is a small step towards disaster management, but will ensure that the city is on a surer footing in this crisis and in the future.

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