mid-day editorial: Let's immerse ourselves in cleanliness

Sep 07, 2017, 06:05 IST | mid-day correspondent

With yet another Ganesh immersion behind us, mandals and pandals are now in clean-up mode. Mumbai had a last darshan of the benevolent elephant-headed deity on Tuesday, stretching out to early Wednesday morning. The last prayers have been said, wishes given, flowers offered and prasad partaken at our beaches and water bodies.

Like always, there were a number of non-profits, volunteers and Good Samaritans who cleaned up the beaches post visarjan. Cynics might argue that this was a photo-op for some of the non-profit organizations, but the fact is, they did clean up the city's public spaces. Having said that, revellers, devotees and mandal organisers must take the onus of managing not just the celebrations but also the post-festival clean-up. Their responsibility does not end with visarjan. To those who were at the beaches of the city, one has to make a special, concerted effort to keep the sands clean. Mumbai has an abysmal cleanliness record on its beaches. Hordes of rubbish on the sands and in the sea, plastic and debris floating around, are part of our beachside package. We have sporadic clean-up operations that begin with zeal but fizzle out over time.

Each one of us needs to pull our weight. Collect whatever you want to dispose in a bag and put the bag in a trash can. Similarly, mandals must ensure that they fill in the cavities they may have dug to erect the pandals. Digging up the road and then leaving it as it is, is just not on. Do repair any kind of damage with the same alacrity showed while putting up the mandal.

As devotees and stakeholders in the city, ensure that you leave the place in the same condition, if not better than before, because as the adage goes, cleanliness is next to godliness.

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