mid-day editorial: Respect our lifeline, don't damage trains

Nov 09, 2017, 06:05 IST | mid-day correspondent

If all goes as per plan, commuters on the Harbour line will soon be able to avail of plush and swanky trains, following the exit of old, retrofitted locals in a phased manner. According to sources in the railways, 24 new trains are likely to be introduced on this route.

Apparently, the Harbour line was the last to move to AC power traction. A fleet of old retrofitted trains of the DC era, however, continue to ply commuters, much to their dismay. The swanky new fleet manufactured in Chennai, which reached Nashik this week, is likely to cheer commuters because Harbour line trains were in desperate need for an upgrade.

But now that these new trains are being introduced on the route, commuters must ensure no damage to public property. Given the fact that our trains serve as Mumbai's lifeline, commuters should keep an eye out for offenders to who tarnish the trains and report them to railway cops, no matter if it's Western, Central or Harbour Railway.

While rail authorities are, obviously, responsible for maintenance of the trains, it's also the commuters' responsibility to ensure that people don't carve their names or phone numbers on the train's walls. The seats should be treated delicately so that they don't tear from use. Also, discourage people from putting their feet up on the seats, as it leaves shoe marks behind. If CCTV cameras are installed in the train, no one should tamper with them. Citizens should realise that such practices are best described as acts of vandalism.

Every commuter should make cleanliness a priority, be it on trains or on the road. Avoid littering the compartments with used tickets, empty food packets and other discarded items. Welcome the new trains chugging into the city and treat them with respect.

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