mid-day editorial: Say no to booze at weekend getaways

Jun 27, 2017, 06:40 IST | mid-day correspondent

The monsoon is finally here in its full glory and, not surprisingly, people are flocking to nearby hotspots across the state to make the most of the pleasant weather. However, about 93 km away from Mumbai, villagers in Umroli and Ashane are literally treading through rough waters as glass shards from broken booze bottles float down to their farmlands from the Bhivpuri waterfall.

The villages and the waterfall are bearing the brunt of irresponsible revelry. Tourists sneak in liquor to these places and discard the empty bottles around the scenic waterfall. The glass shards, swept into farmlands by the waterfall, result in cuts and bruises and many local farmers have been forced to abandon their land.

Monsoon is the best season to enjoy the green spots dotting Mumbai, but boorish drink fests have managed to tarnish such locations. Perhaps the civic authorities should look into strict crowd control measures at tourist spots to ensure the welfare of local inhabitants. Charging people an entry fee may help keep the unruly masses out. The security provisions ought to be tightened to keep liquor out of such premises.

The authorities should also look into banning booze from weekend getaways because inebriated revellers are prone to harassing women. The onus, however, lies with tourists to be responsible on their trips. Respect nature and respect the people who are hosting you at these destinations. Don't engage in any activity that may harm the local populace.

It's also healthy to cultivate a fear of nature. Countless people have died while pulling off stunts fuelled by a false sense of bravado and invincibility encouraged by alcohol.

Behave responsibly - it won't hamper your fun, but it will add to the picture-perfect experience.

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