mid-day editorial: Stop throwing lives out the window

Apr 03, 2017, 06:02 IST | mid-day Correspondent

At the time of writing this, an eight-year-old girl is fighting for her life in the trauma ward after a freak incident in which a frying pan fell from a 22-storey building and cracked her head.

Shopkeepers rushed to help her, and it was heartening to see the selflessness and the alacrity with which they acted. In this horrific incident, that was the only silver lining. This incident shows us that people unthinkingly and shockingly hurl things from their windows, without a care about who is below. From the severity of the injury, doctors estimate that the pan must have fallen from at least 10 storeys up. From that height, a falling pan is nothing short of a lethal missile, and the careless culprit must be caught and booked.

What makes this more shocking is the fact that the pan was hurled from a highrise, where one would expect educated people to love. But we seen and heard numerous times about garbage, filth, dirt being flung out of such posh buildings. People find it more convenient to fling this rubbish out of the window, rather than chuck in the bin at home.

However, this is not just about poor civic sense; such incidents are deadly. The building is infamous for its Identified Flying Objects, and residents themselves have admitted that such mishaps have happened before. In one such instance, years ago, a cricket bat fell on a child, causing serious injury. Ironically, even as Friday’s accident was being investigated, a bamboo stick fell from the building right in front of a cop.

No tears are enough for this little girl. The building society needs to call an immediate meeting and take action against those who continue this practice. Here, it is not the authorities but the people who need to change. Meanwhile, on the legal front, the police, the BMC and other authorities need to swing into action.

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