mid-day editorial: This visarjan, say farewell to rats as well

Sep 05, 2017, 06:05 IST | mid-day correspondent

Even as most Mumbaikars complain about paucity of space, there are some who are sharing their homes with pests. According to a report in this paper, a septuagenarian and her daughter have opened the doors of their third-floor Vile Parle flat to hundreds of rodents. Apparently, fed up of the rat menace, neighbours of the 75-year-old woman have complained to cops as well as the BMC, but the elderly woman and her daughter, 42, are unmoved.

As per reports, civic officials visited the Vile Parle building and set up traps to nab the rodents, but the cops have taken no stringent action.

Neighbours claim that the elderly woman was welcoming rats into her house because it helped with her loneliness and depression. However, a rise in the population of rodents in residential areas spells nothing but doom for those living in those areas. The unhygienic surroundings can even prove to be fatal.

According to members of the residential society, the mother-daughter duo cited vague reasons for allowing the rodents to live with them. Perhaps the cops should consider deploying policewomen outside the septuagenarian’s flat and oversee that the flat is freed of pests. Police intervention is necessary if the residents fail to understand that sheltering so many rodents can affect many in the neighbourhood.

Cases of malaria, dengue and swine flu have already been reported from the city. Let’s not allow a house in the middle of the city to become the breeding ground for more diseases. The BMC and the police must join hands and work with single-minded determination to eradicate the pest problem.

If BMC can go to various lengths to fine celebrities for allowing diseases to breed, it can definitely stride into residential societies to find and penalise troublemakers.

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