mid-day editorial: We need to take on bike racing at full throttle

Nov 07, 2017, 06:07 IST | mid-day correspondent

This weekend, Mumbai cops managed to slam the brakes on a group of bike racers who were caught zipping past the Kalanagar-Sea Link stretch. It's after a span of over six months - since the massive police crackdown on bike racing - that the racers had dared to hit the streets of Bandra Reclamation. A high-octane midnight chase later, 17 of the offenders were arrested.

A report in this paper explained how the police personnel swung into action immediately after being informed about the gang burning rubber near the Sea Link. While our cops need to be praised for quick thinking and alertness, the resurgence of biker gangs is vexing.

People across the city should keep an eye for these biker gangs seeking an adrenaline high. It's disturbing that these groups still nurture the intent to race, and it's possible that they may now try to venture on to other locations.

Every citizen should help the cops check this racing menace and ensure that these biker boys do not return to our streets again and endanger the lives of hundreds. Colleges should also look into conducting awareness drives to educate young minds about the perils of racing.

The traffic department could consider roping in Bollywood or sports icons to spread the message of safety. The celebs should spread the mess­age that it is not 'cool' for youths to endanger the lives of others just because they seek an adrenaline rush. Celebrities who are known to have a penchant for bikes are likely to be the best inspirations for this campaign.

The cops are doing their best to weed out the issue of bike racing.

The least we can do is help them stamp out the practice completely. The very last embers of this menace must be snuffed out. We all have a stake in this.

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