After a bruising break-up that has left the Shiv Sena and the BJP with near identical numbers in the BMC elections, the frenemies and the fractious past seem to be continuing.

The bitterness and war between the former allies was thrown into sharp relief close to the elections and now, of course, analysts and expert commentators are spouting all kinds of improbable permutations and outlandish combinations about who will rule the country's richest civic body. While that is fodder for political minds, all the people really want is a coming together for the good of Mumbai. That is what the vote was for and that, ideally, should be the only consideration now.

There are whispers about who is partnering with whom, or which political party is wooing another party that has rejected it in the past, giving life to the cliché 'politics makes strange bedfellows'. Put Mumbai above all that and concentrate on what matters. Here, people are now wondering what the parking policy will be.

Will the civic authorities clear pavements of cars and all encroachments so that people can walk? Where do we stand vis a vis the all-important open spaces issue? Will the BMC take back the parks from private players, and how are these green spaces being maintained? How is the Mahalaxmi racecourse, the real emerald of the city, going to be handled? What about so many other clubs whose leases have expired? Will we see an end to the paver block conundrum and can we dare to dream about a pothole-free monsoon?

These are the realities that the Mumbaikar is truly interested in, rather than the numbers game. Let us see much more clarity and a greater will to tackle all this. Alliances and non-alliances are for parties. This is for the people.