Nikki Thakker
Nikki Thakker

Rows of alluring bonbons greet us as we step into entisi, a boutique chocolatier that opens this week in Santacruz. Clusters of these colourful, centre-filled chocolates are perched on trays that remind us of Brainvita, a board game of marbles. Owner Nikki Thakker (inset) says, "Making them is quite an art. We create the colours in-house; the moulds give them the shine."

The 27-year-old with a master's degree from LSe turned down investment banking jobs to follow her passion of crafting chocolates. "Last year, I travelled for a month to France, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Switzerland to scout for raw materials and equipment." Apart from bonbons ('60 per piece) that include Truffle Oil and Kesar Pista varieties, the studio offers fruit-and-nut bars, bite-sized dragees ('295 for a box; cranberry variety is must-try) and tablets of single origin chocolates, with beans sourced from Ghana and ecuador.

Opens on: September 21, 11 am to 9 pm
At: Krishna Villa, Linking Road, Santacruz West
Call: 8080554554