mid-day impact: Chembur pipeline repaired, trench filled

Civic officials got down to the task of plugging the leak within hours of mid-day report being published

Within hours of mid-day putting the spotlight on Tuesday on a colossal waste of drinking water from a damaged pipeline on Pestom Sagar Road 3, opposite Shoppers Stop, in Chembur, civic authorities not only plugged the leak but also filled the trench that had been flooded for nine days.

Civic workers filled the trench and repaired the leaking pipeline right
Civic workers filled the trench and repaired the leaking pipeline right

Businessman Rashmin Gala, who had on March 29 raised a complaint with civic officials that a trench dug opposite Krushal Tower in the locality got waterlogged each morning from a leaking underground pipeline, told mid-day that civic workers repaired the pipeline on Tuesday evening. “Residents are relieved that the leak was plugged. But why did they allow gallons of water to be wasted by not taking prompt action when I raised the complaint? At a time when Mahara-shtra is parched, every drop of water counts. Action should be initiated against those responsible for carelessly digging the trench and damaging the pipeline,” demanded Gala.

Municipal councillor Deepa Parab said she had visited the site, along with BMC officials, after the mid-day report and ensured that immediate measures were taken to contain the leak.

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