Soumya Younus Basar shows a picture of her three children at her residence at Seawoods. Pic /Sneha Kharabe

Six months since all hell broke loose when her ex-husband abducted her three young children —aged 11, 10 and 3 — Somiya Yunus Basar received a much-needed shot in the arm. All the attention to her case got her the call she had been waiting for: Her children spoke to her from Mozambique where their father, Abdul Gaffar Abdul Majid Tarmahomed, has illegally taken them in violation of court orders.

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The 32-year-old resident of Navi Mumbai, who has been locked in a long-drawn custody battle, said, “I am thrilled that I could speak to my children after so many months. I last heard their voices in September when my husband abducted them without my knowledge, violating the court’s orders. I am feeling so much better now. After my story was published in mid-day, it went around on social media and my husband must have read it and allowed my children to talk to me.”

Together, Basar and Tarmahomed are parents to Naseem (11), Zayed (10) and Sarah (3). “I spoke to Naseem and Zayed,” said Basar, “but couldn’t talk to Sarah as she wasn’t at home at the time. One spoke to me continuously, almost without taking a breath, while the other just remained silent. This is how they behave when they miss me.” She added, “They had gone to their uncle’s place this weekend.

But they were excited to talk to me. I had lost all hope of hearing my children’s voices again. Now, I am hopeful that I will get my children back soon.” However, when mid-day asked if her husband spoke to her, she said, “He never talks to me. But, I am glad that he allowed the children to speak to me.”