mid-day Premiere Nights: All for the sake of fans

Oct 30, 2015, 08:29 IST | Paresh B. Mehta

It was a packed family audience for the screening of Love Exchange at PVR Cinemas in Juhu last evening at the mid-day Premiere Nights event, a popular contest that gives its readers a chance to meet and click selfies with their favourite stars.

The lead pair of Mohit Madan and Jyoti Sharma who debut in Love Exchange greeted mid-day readers amidst loud cheers.

Nadia Ali Shirazi, an Armenian national who has produced this film reveals, “It is a delicate love story about a Maharashtrian boy and a Punjabi girl. Anticipating dissent from their parents, the couple hits upon an idea to get acquainted with each other's family to understand their diverse cultures and their family values. Hence they decide to switch their homes for three months.”

(L-R) Rajveer Shetty, Manoj Pahwa, Mohit Madan, Jyoti Sharma and Nadia Shirazi
(L-R) Rajveer Shetty, Manoj Pahwa, Mohit Madan, Jyoti Sharma and Nadia Shirazi

Mohit Madan adds with a sense of maturity, “I feel that when a girl and boy decide to tie the knot, it’s not only about the couple, it is a marriage between two families.”

Girish Wankhede
Girish Wankhede

Jyoti Sharma, who plays his beloved in this rom-com, interjected saying, “For a girl or a boy to switch homes for three months before their marriage helps to understand their elders, their culture and hence reduce the gap between their generations.”

“Before marriage, one has to understand social and cultural background of the person you are getting married to. Love is more about the mind,” director Raj V Shetty expressed.

Mohit and Jyoti are supported by senior artistes like Manoj Pahwa, Darshan Jariwala, Raju Kher, Nilu Kohli and Shama Deshpande.

“It is an upbeat romantic comedy film, and being a family drama, everybody would connect with the film. And the catchy Super hit Thumke number would turn out to be a party anthem,” says Girish Wankhede of Entity One, who is the distribution and marketing consultant of Love Exchange which releases this Friday.

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