mid-day Premiere Nites: For the love of fans

An exclusive event was held at Fun Republic in Andheri on Thursday evening for the premiere show of Four Pillars of Basement. The lead pair of the movie, Dillzan Wadia and Aalya Singh met and posed for pictures with their fans.

The event was arranged by mid–day Premiere Nights, a contest that gives its readers an opportunity to watch the film, meet and interact with its star cast.

mid-day premiere nites
Pics/Nimesh Dave

When asked by a fan about the relevance of the title of the film, Dillzan Wadia said, “Our film is about a hapless girl stranded in the basement of a commercial complex after office hours who experiences unfortunate situations. The innocent good-looking female executive’s daily routine was being tracked for years by lecherous males within her office and around the car park area.”

“How safe is your daughter or wife from the eyes of maniacs lurking around? This is what this psychotic suspense-thriller is all about”, adds Dillzan who plays a double role in the film.

“Once, we were so engrossed in the shoot, that I felt something creepy happening around, and I immediately began reciting Hanuman Chaalisa”, says Dillzan, whose character on the contrary intimidates the girl.

mid-day premiere nites

Aalya Singh says about her character, “The basements are so scary during the nights. My character stays late in her office to finish her task on that ill-fated Diwali evening.”

Among the others present at the event were Ravi Gadriya who plays Kaal, a retarded friend of the protagonist, guests Adi Irani and Azaz Khan, Producer Gautam Bafna
and the film’s Director Giresh Naik K.

“We have given a wide release since it would appeal to the masses as it has a curiosity element”, says Rajesh Thadani, the distributor of Four Pillars of Basement, which released yesterday.

— Paresh B. Mehta

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