Mika's big doggy family

Sep 05, 2011, 09:32 IST | Special Features

We may know him to be a brash, outspoken and angry young man of the music world, but Mika is quite a softy at heart. Mika talks to CS about his 18 pet dogs:

Age matters not
I have a farm near Delhi where all my pets stay. It's a huge destresser to spend time with the new born pups to the 12-year-olds. I love to bathe them. But since there are so many of them, bathing time becomes a big tamasha. I love watching their antics as they are usually upto something or another.

Gimme food
Some of my dogs have some very distinctive habits and tastes. One of them loves to eat fruitsĀ -- papaya and watermelon are his favourite. He'll stay close to the fruit if he spots one in the house to make sure he gets his share. He's so health conscious; maybe he wants to walk the ramp (laughs)! Another fellow is fond of eating sweets, especially Agra ka pethas! They are just like small kids with their individual personalities.

Gender bias
One of the female dogs in my farm has some intrinsic issue with all men. She gets into barking fits if she spots a male stranger in the farm. However, she is extremely sweet and nice to women and children! It's an endearing trait and my friends and family find it very amusing.

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