Mika refused to accept any payment for singing in a film

However, recently the singer did something quite commendable. Mika refused to accept his fee for the work he did for the late filmmaker Raj Kanwar’s film, helmed by Shammi Chhabra.

Mika Singh
Mika Singh

A source says, “Mika received an offer to sing the title song for Raj Kanwar Production’s next venture. After fulfilling his commitment, he refused to accept payment for the job. It was Raj’s son Karan’s first film as producer and the singer held his late father in very high regards.”

Karan Kanwar
Karan Kanwar

Mika apparently told Karan, “You are like my younger brother.” The singer gave Karan an affectionate hug and left it at that.

A grateful Karan says, “I can never forget Mika sir’s kind gesture. I was really moved and he has boosted my morale.”  

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