Pappu Nishad alleged that his daughter died due to injuries sustained during a caning allegedly handed out by Anuj Singh, who is the husband of Shewta Singh, Shiksha Mitra (teacher) of Rumchandipur Primary School, police said today. 

girl caned
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According to Nishad's complaint, Anuj came to take classes on August 6 as his wife was unwell. He alleged that his daughter was beaten with a stick by Anuj, following which she was admitted to the primary health centre, where the minor expired late in the night. Anuj has been arrested.

However, Basic Shiksha Adhikari Paramhans Yadav claimed that Anuj had come to the school on August 6 to submit his wife's leave application.

Principal Rumchandipur Primary School Awadesh Singh echoed the same, saying  Anuj had not come to the school to take classes but to hand over the leave application.