Miraculous escape: 15 year old falls 7 floors, lands on car

15-year-old was studying for SSC exams when she accidentally fell off terrace of her Mulund apartment and landed on a Honda Jazz parked below

She's lucky to be alive. A 15-year-old girl survived miraculously after falling from the seventh floor of her building in Mulund.

The total height from which she fell was about 100 feet. The victim landed on a Honda Jazz car parked below and escaped with a fractured left arm and minor injuries to her left leg.

Drop zone: The 15-year-old who fell from the seventh floor of her
building on the car below escaped with a fractured arm and injuries to
her left leg. PICs/Siddharth Dhadve

Archana Rohatgi (name changed on request) is a resident of Mulund East. According to the police, Archana stayed on the fourth floor of the building and was studying for her SSC exams on the terrace on Sunday evening.

Hard landing
Police said hearing some boys playing in their parking lot, Archana went to have a peep over the parapet, lost her balance and fell.

"Fortunately she landed on a car that was parked below," said Mahadeo Gundewadi, assistant commissioner of police, Mulund division.

"She fell on the roof of the car and damaged the windshield. The car cushioned her fall," added Gundewadi.
Onlookers, including children who were playing in the area, along with the watchman of the building immediately informed Archana's parents and rushed her to Fortis Hospital in Mulund West.

"Archana is doing very well and should be discharged soon. She has given us a statement and told us that she lost her balance and fell. She was tense as her exams are around the corner," said Shrimant Dharba Ghule, senior police inspector of Navghar police station.

According to police, Archana's father is a businessman.

Nose dive
"We had gone out when the incident happened. She was sitting on the terrace and studying when she fell. We are totally shocked. Her left arm and leg are injured," said the victim's mother.

Archana's exams are scheduled for March. "She is left-handed and we do not know whether she will be able to give the exams. But we are thankful to God that she is safe," her mother said.

Archana was operated upon on Tuesday by a team of doctors led by senior orthopaedic surgeon Dr Sachin Bhonsle. "She has suffered nine fractures. She had come to the hospital in a state of complete shock. We operated on her for six hours to fix the fractures and she is recuperating in the hospital," he said.
-- Inputs by Priyanka Vora

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