Misbehaving ex- Norwegian footballers, referees get electric shocks

Dec 09, 2011, 11:13 IST | ANI

Electro-shock therapy is controversial enough in psychiatry, but now misbehaving Norwegian footballers and referees are being subjected to the treatment. 

Former Barclays Premier League players Jan-Aage Fjortoft, Claus Lundekvam and Thomas Myhre were repeatedly shocked while trying to play a five-a-side game during an experiment on the show, ''Golden Goals''. 

According to Fox Sports, the former Norway stars, as well as the referee, each had an electric collar, usually used for training dogs, attached to their legs, while the two hosts controlled the remotes. 

If the hosts didn''t approve of the play, they punished the offending player with a range of electric shocks, or even the referee for a controversial decision. 

How the show convinced the retired stars to participate in their ''experiment'' is unknown.

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