The police Sub-Inspector (PSI) of Cuffe Parade who had gone missing in November, could be working at Nizamabad in Telangana, the Nagpada police have learnt.

Police suspect PSI Chavan has been taking up painting jobs in Telangana
Police suspect PSI Chavan has been taking up painting jobs in Telangana

The PSI had left home on November 2 and has been missing since then. Several efforts made to find him by the police were in vain. Police got a clue when he called his family members last week. However, a team that went to Nizamabad right away, did not find him.

PSI Sanjay Vitthal Chavan had left his home at Nagpada police headquarters on November 2, telling his wife that he was going to Cuffe Parade police station where he was deployed, but he did not go there and went missing.

“We had immediately formed a team and looked for him everywhere, from his native place in Sangli to pilgrimage places that he had told his colleagues he wanted to visit.

Later we also checked unidentified dead bodies found in Maharashtra to get any clue about Chavan. We had also stuck posters in all police stations and railway stations announcing a cash reward,” said a police officer who is one of the officials tasked with finding Chavan.

Last week, the Cuffe Parade and the Nagpada police got the first clue when there was a call to Chavan’s wife and brother from Nizamabad. His brother told them Chavan had called his wife and him separately.

“When we investigated the call and sent a team, we learnt that the call was made from a paint shop in Nizamabad and the owner of the shop, whose mobile phone was used to make the call, told us that a well-dressed person had taken it to make a call and he did not know anything more about him,” said the police officer.

The police team returned on Sunday. When the police checked with Chavan’s family members, they learnt that the PSI was asking his painter brother, with whom he used to earlier undertake painting work, for some painting tips. “We suspect he has started taking up painting jobs in Telangana,” said the police officer.

Chavan was upset after a senior police officer had passed a remark on his progress sheet on November 1. He stayed with his wife, two daughters, and a brother in Nagpada police quarters.