MMRDA issues official statement regarding disruption of monorail services

Mar 15, 2015, 18:53 IST | A Correspondent

After a disruption in Monorail services on Sunday morning, the Mumbai Metropolitan Development Authority (MMRDA) has issued a press release stating the reason behind the disturbance.

It stated that there was a power disruption between Bhakti Park and Mysore Colony at around 7.58 am as the trains were not receiving the 750 vdc electricity that powers them.
Explaining in further detail, the release stated that two trains, RST 5 and RST 9 were stranded between Bhakti Park and Mysore Colony.  RST 9 was heading towards Bhakti Park while RST 5 had just left the station.  The power was able to be restored for only a short while at around 8.20am. The RST 9 monorail train had reached Bhakti Park station by this time.  However RST 5 was stranded between Bhakti Park and Mysore Colony once again.  As the power had tripped for a second time, another train could not be brought to rescue the stranded train and hence the Fire Brigade was called for passenger evacuation.
As per the release there were 10 passengers and 1 Train Captain onboard who were rescued safely by the fire officials.    
MMRDA in the release claimed that the trains had their own back-up power system and the ventilation systems as a result of which passenger safety onboard the train was maintained throughout.
The exact cause of the power disruption is being investigated, senior MMRDA and Mumbai Monorail officials said.
The power was restored at around 10:45 am power and operations resumed as usual.  The stranded train was able to move on its own power. Subsequently tests and trials were conducted for the entire system including movement of the trains without passengers and services were resumed by 12 pm on Sunday afternoon, the release said.

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