MNS Chief Raj Thackeray on Monday said his party opposed any project that will displace Marathi people staying in south Mumbai’s Girgaum area and also require cutting of trees in Aarey Milk Colony.

Thackeray was hinting towards the Colaba-Bandra-Seepz Metro III project because of which MMRC will have to resettle and rehabilitate Marathi people staying in Girgaum area and will also have to cut 2298 trees to construct a car depot in Aarey Milk Colony area.

“My party won’t allow any project that will displace marathi people and require tree cutting in such a large number in AMC. Why doesn’t the government plan an alignmen passing through Malaba Hill area but it will not do so as they want the Marathi people to go out of Mumbai,” he said while speaking at the 9th Foundation Day Program of the party.

Taking potshots at the BMC’s DP plan, Raj Thackeray said, “The new DP is a well-designed plan to throw Marathi-speaking people out of Mumbai and this plan has been prepared by keeping the benefit of a few bussinessmen in mind. The DP will give higher FSI to builders so that they can construct taller buildings but this will result in the displacement of Marathi-speaking people." Thackeray said.

Thackeray also pointed out that new projects were being planned since the government wanted to sell off the remaining land from Aarey to a few handful of people.