Model rape case: Mastermind says cops took bulk of extortion money

May 01, 2015, 12:11 IST | Shiva Devnath

If the mastermind in the rape case of the 29-year-old model is to be believed, he got a mere Rs 1,000 out of the Rs 4.5 lakh that was extorted from the woman and her friend, with the three policemen mopping up the bulk of the amount.

Ibrahim Khan has also claimed that he did not know about the cops having taken gold jewellery from the model
Ibrahim Khan has also claimed that he did not know about the cops having taken gold jewellery from the model

Officials said that the investigation so far has led them to believe that the plan, which was supposed to be an extortion bid in the guise of an anti-prostitution raid, was hatched by Ibrahim Khan alias Ibbu (42), one of the arrested accused, who claims to be a reporter for a news website.

Khan was on good terms with the arrested officials from Sakinaka police station Assistant Police Inspectors Sunil Katape and Suresh Suryavanshi and Head Constable Yogesh Ponde and had told them that the victim would be a suitable target.

During his interrogation by officials from the Crime Branch Unit X, Khan revealed that, after the raid and the release of the model, when he went to take his share, the policemen gave him him only Rs 1,000. He said that another arrested accused, Ayesha Malviya (24), who is also a member of his gang of extortionists, got Rs 2,000, while the rest did not get any money.

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Khan claimed he was not aware that the cops had taken gold from the complainant as well, and that he was in the Sakinaka police station that night and did not know that the police had taken her to the Sangharsh Nagar chowky and raped her, said Crime Branch officials. They added that even the arrested police officers are confessing only to taking cash from the complainant, and not gold.

Big racket
mid-day had reported on April 27 that Khan is the kingpin of a large-scale extortion racket that has been operating for years. Khan and his gang would extort money from hoteliers, restaurateurs and others in the western suburbs by posing as TV journalists. The other arrested accused in this case Javed Sheikh (35), Sanjay Range (46) and Tanvir Hashmi (34) are all part of Khan’s gang. Another accused in the case, Sikandar Mirza, is absconding.

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