Modi and his party must deliver on their promises

May 17, 2014, 06:26 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

Now that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has swept the polls, it is time for the party to rewind to its spectacular run-up and consequent victory.

The win, quite unprecedented in scale and magnified a 100 times over because of the high visibility television age that we live in, has proved that the adage ab ki baar Modi sarkar resonated with India, and finally brought Narendra Modi to the coveted chair.

India has spoken loud and clear, never mind all the Modi baiters and haters. It has spoken for a man who rode a wave all through these past months on the back of a tremendous campaign, through the press and social media.

At times, it seemed to be Modi everywhere; voters were bombarded with rhetoric, promises and most of all the Gujarat model which was held up as an aspirational, shiny, new age model tantalisingly within the reach of the people, if they voted for Modi Sarkar.

Replete with rousing rhetoric, spiked with promises and based on a pro-business, pro-development plank, Modi was good in parts too. His barbs ‘2G, 3G and jijaji’ and ‘RSVP — Rahul Sonia Vadra Priyanka’ cut to the quick and hammered home the ‘Congress is corrupt’ attack that was also part of the BJP’s rallying cry, throughout.

Yet, with Everest like promises, come Everest like expectations. Every wave reaches its crest, but when it crashes back into the water, the test begins of what it does back in the sea — the sea of people that have spoken through the ballot box.

Now is the time to deliver and in an age of instant gratification, the clock has already started ticking for a new government that has so much to fulfil. Modi and his party have to deliver on his promises, including the one which stated that the minorities do not have to live in a climate of fear.

Tangibles and intangibles need to be achieved, so that all those who pushed their doubt and cynicism aside, took a gamble on a new government feel vindicated. True rewards are not speeches thanking people from podiums, but, work that brings result.

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